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190                                     TEPvDICT  OX INDIA
JINNAK Partly, but by no means exclusively. You must remem-
ber that Islam is not merely a religious doctrine but a realistic and
practical Code of Conduct. I am thinking in terms of life, of
everything important in life. I am thinking in terms of our
history, our heroes, our art, our architecture, our music, our laws,
our jurisprudence...
SELF Please, I would like to write these things down.
JINNAH (after a pause) In all these things our outlook is not only
fundamentally different but often radically antagonistic to the
Hindus. We are different beings. There is nothing in life which
links us together. Our names, our clothes, our foods—they are
all different; our economic life, our educational ideas, our treat-
ment of women, our attitude to animals.. .we challenge each
other at every point of the compass. Take one example, the
eternal question of the cow. We eat the cow, the Hindus worship
it. A lot of Englishmen imagine that this fcworship5 is merely a
picturesque convention, an historical survival. It is nothing of
the sort. Only a few days ago, in this very city, the cow question
became a matter for the police. The Hindus were thrown into
the greatest agitation because cows were being killed in public.
But the cow question is only one of a thousand. (A pause) What
.have you written down ?
SELF I have only written 'The Muslims are a Nation.5
JINNAH And do you believe it ?
SELF I do.
JINNAH (KM& a smile) Whsit other questions have you got there?
SELF The first is economic.  Are the Muslims likely to be richer
or poorer under Pakistan ?  And would you set up tariffs against
the rest of India ?
JINNAH I'll ask you a question for a change.   Supposing you
were asked which you would prefer...a rich England under
Germany or a poor England free, what would your answer be ?
SELF It's hardly necessary to say.
JINNAH Quite. Well, doesn't that make your question look a
little shoddy ? This great ideal rises far above mere questions of
personal comfort or temporary convenience. The Muslims are a.
tough people, lean and hardy. If Pakistan means that they will
have to be a little tougher, they will not complain. But why